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new york wigs

by slek

At Slek, we want to ensure that all women's hair needs are taken care of. From actual hair care to even providing wigs.Our own wig maker and store owner, Marilyn, carefully handcrafts and sews each wig to suit the needs and style of the individual client. She has been making wigs for ten years and had perfected the craft of providing a natural look to them. At Slek, we want you to look like yourself and feel beautiful each time you wear the wig.

They are made with the with the highest quality products, from caps to 100% natural hair, can be tweaked into any desired look. From curly, coarse hair to silky straight with a bang. Each customization (color and cut does have an added cost.

With our wigs, our insurance policy is that the wig will have a lifespan of six years when taken care of properly. We also accept payment plans and health insurance if available. We want to make it as easy as possible to make sure you have the hair you want with quality and care.


All wigs start at a base price of $300 (with hair provided to us)

Wigs made with Slek Hair starts at a base price of $600 (the hair is made with 100% Human hair)

Please call for further inquiry or to request a wig.

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